There are several medical ailments that are developing day by day but have no proper cure. Some of them remain inactive when medicated but after the medication stops, the symptoms start generating again. These can be very serious and effective for health. One of the most serious illnesses that is widely spread among all the age groups and has no proper cure and treatment is depression. Depression can be very unhealthy for your overall mental and physical fitness.

Depression - Symptoms and CureDepression falls into the category of mental sickness. The reasons for getting depression can be unpredictable and sometimes remain unidentifiable. It is a state of mind and can get rooted by any unobvious incident or reaction that affects the patient emotionally and physically. It gets initiated by mood swings and hatred or dislike from any actions and work that changes the life of a person roughly. It does not always exhibit a low mood or sad sentiment, but it displays miscellaneous conducts like nervousness, fidgety, blank, desperate, embarrassed and comparable. A person undergoing through depression starts cutting off from their public life and progressively begin losing their passion and curiosity for things they used to enjoy and like. They either suffer from no sleep or insomnia or develop over sleeping habits.

Different cases of depression have been discovered by different doctors. Following points will list the sufferers of depression:

• Depression is commonly seen in housewives and middle age women these days as they get bored of their normal lifestyle and habits and often develop a disturbed and depressed environment around them.

• Nowadays teenagers and children are also the major sufferers of depression because they often get victim of peer pressure. Most of them bullied in school and colleges that make them getting impulsive, angry and irritated most of the time.

• Unemployment in adults is a major reason for depression among youngsters these days.

Depression is very difficult to diagnose because it is a state of mind. Although there are few common symptoms of the problem:

• A depressed and sad mood
• Disturbed attitude and nature
• Low energy levels
• Personality disorders
• Anger issues even on silliest matters
• Anxiety and irritation
• Loss of health and appetite
• Acting strangely ad lost
• Concentration problems
• Loss of interest in entertainment and fun
• Loss of ability to make decisions
• Getting confused easily
• Fatigue and pain (in certain cases)
• Digestive problems
• Physically weak
• Psychologically weak and imbalance in nature
• Stress, hypertension and fever
• Getting frightened easily

Although there is no proper medication, that has been invested to treat depression particularly, yet it can be cured up to some extent. Taking to the person is very important. If the patient is comfortable enough to discuss issues, he must be heard carefully. Counselling or psychological treatments are also very helpful in serious matters. Psychiatrists are also consulted in serious depression cases if the patient attempts to suicide or displays any dangerous symptoms. It can be controlled with proper treatment and care.